Masonic Park & Youth Camp Guest Amenities

  • Masonic Park Camp Lodging

    Masonic Park Lakeside Fishing

    Lake Dot at the Masonic Park is located toward the front entrance. We provide our guests with canoeing and fishing activities, in addition to wildlife education and water safety. Our lake is home to various aquatic life, including bass, sunfish, catfish, and soft shell turtles. Note: Fishing is catch and release only.

  • Masonic Park Camp Lodging

    Masonic Park Canoeing

    The Masonic Park borders the Little Manatee River for almost three-quarters of a mile! Kayak and canoes are made available to our guests for enjoyment, including life safety vests for adults and children.

  • Masonic Park Camp Lodging

    Guest Activity - Main Hall

    Adjacent to the Masonic Park Lake is the main activities and dining hall. The hall is approximately 4,000 square feet of open space, and is equipped with a full commercial kitchen, main stage, and two billiard tables. The hall is available for use by our guests, residents, and several youth groups throughout the year, including DeMolay International, Jobs Daughters, Rainbow Girls, and the Boy Scouts of America.

    View inside picture of the Main Hall.

  • Masonic Park Camp Lodging

    Horseback Riding and Stables

    Located on the North side of the Masonic Park is a large, fenced area designated for horseback riding. In addition to the 20 acres of riding space, there are two stables for up to 10 horses. Horse boarding is available for short and long term with proof of a recent Cogging Exam. Whether you're a professional rider, or recreational, you'll love the serene grassland and wide open space to enjoy your ride.
    View a close up of the stables.

  • Masonic Park Camp Lodging

    Hiking Trails

    The Masonic Park & Youth Camp has over 2 miles of hiking trails to explore, view our wildlife, and learn about nature. All trails are rated at low difficulty, and many of them provide areas to rest, have a picnic, or teach a wildlife class!